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Draft AGM Minutes 2018 - for comment

Attached are draft minutes of Wellspring's AGM of 26 August 2018.

We invite you to contact the office if you have any corrections or suggestion in respect of the content of the minutes.

Responsibility for finalisation of the minutes (prior to approval at the 2019 AGM) has been delegated to Parish Council.

AGM Sermon (full script) - 26 August 2019

Attached are the notes for Rob's sermon from Sunday's Annual General Worship Meeting.

Annual General Meeting reports 2017-18

On August 26, we come to a significant time in the life of Wellspring; our Annual General Worship Meeting prompts us to look backward to what God has graciously done and forward for what we pray He will graciously do.


Last year, it was wonderful to see how God took us deeper. This year, in keeping with our vision of Life WITH Jesus, LIKE Jesus, and FOR Jesus, we've used this to frame the reports of the fruit we've seen throughout the year and to form our prayers and aspirations for the year ahead.


Please have a read of the reports at the link below before the AGM and join with us in praising God for all he's been up to.


Wellspring Anglican Annual Report 2018_31 July 2018 FINAL ART (DIGITAL)

Detailed budgetvactual FY17-18-19

Audited financial statements 2018


Your brother



(In pursuit of good stewardship of our funds and the environment we have limited printed copies of the Annual Report booklet that are available by requesting them via the office - final day for requests will be Wednesday 15th of August)

Audited Financial Statements

For a copy of Wellspring's audited financial reports for the year ended 30 June 2018 from Wise Lord & Ferguson please see below. 

Applications open for Youth Trainee Position at Wellspring starting 2018

Application process

  • Candidates should forward a cover letter and CV to rob@wellspring.org.au by January 5th. Particular reference should be made to the Position Description attached, why it interests candidates, and what their unique contribution to it would be.
  • Interviews are planned to commence soon afterward.
  • The position start date is expected to fall within February 2018.