10am November to December 2016 Roster

For those who would like to view the pdf copy of the November to December 10am roster.

Annual General Worship Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Worship Meeting held on 28 August are attached to this post for review and comment. Please notify the office (admin@wellspring.org.au or 6221 2310) of any corrections/changes that are required. Many thanks.


The new Wellspring website is now live.  Go to www.wellspring.org.au and click the "News and Events" button for all the latest information on what's happening at our church.


Is there any meaning to life? Join us as we on Sunday in our English services as we look at the Book of Ecclesiastes and investigate what is the meaning of life?

Chapel Sessions

Chapel Sessions

Come along and enjoy some tasty food, delicious cider and smooth jazz and have your questions about life and faith answered by our panel. Entry is free.

See the Facebook event here.


Wellspring Anglican Church

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